A wave “hello!”

Today we wrap up three-months since our move. Our priorities in this time have been plain and simple: God and each other. Its been wonderful, quiet, uncomfortable, humbling, revealing, and the best thing that’s happened to us in a long time. We’ve been forced to discover what adventure, fun, community and purpose look like when we’re all each other’s got. Somewhere in that head butting belly laughing exchange our hearts have unearthed again into the dare of life to the full.

Swallowed in grief for a long time, this spark of life feels new. Something extraordinary happened to us when we took responsibility for our own life and decided to take a blind leap into the unknown. Awaited change is flooding in unexpectedly, and a bright freedom thawing out within. Risk precedes breakthrough. Our sense of adventure is awake again. We give God credit.

Despite all the continued threads of process and transition, it feels like time to start sharing from our journey again. Thus … this billboard of meanderings begins. Hope you can extract some piece of meaningful inspiration for your own life. Your story is important, your journey an honored trek. From our trail to yours today, we wave “Hello!” to our valiant friends and choose to start passing along what is lighting our path in hopes it will encourage yours too.