Psalm 27:1-4

God is my light.
It is His job to dispel darkness for me.

God is my salvation.
It is His job to provide for my needs.

God is my stronghold.
It is His job to keep me safe.

If God is my Light, Salvation and Stronghold, then why am I so concerned about warfare, needs and safety? Do I think He is not enough to fulfill those roles for me? Do I think that I have to help Him out by spending my energy to assure they are done well?

If I could just let go – let God do His job in my life, I would lose my need to fear. Gone.

When trouble runs at me, I could run at it with boldness. When people make me crazy, I could stand still and not duck out. When war breaks out in my life, I could take a nap and still be confident.

If I could just let go – let God do His job, I would lose my need to fear. Gone.

Then …

I would be free to put my focus where my heart is;

To stare at His beauty until He unveils something new,
To chat and ask questions until I’m fully expressed,
To live in a habitation with God and never leave.


Friends. Consider this. When we find ourselves without time to enjoy God’s presence, it could be because we are multi-tasking unnecessarily, trying to accomplish both God’s job and our own in our lives.

What if I told you that you don’t have to worry about warfare, needs or safety today? What kind of fun would you throw yourself into instead of worrying about those things?

God is my Light. He is my salvation. He is my safe place. He is good at His job. I can let go. You can too. 

Let’s let go.
Let God be God. 
Trust again. 

Then … we will be free to put our focus where our heart is and enjoy the ride.



When I was thrust into grief two and a half years ago, I learned quickly that holidays had become my enemies. They would creep up on me like a ravenous bear and then ruthlessly attack my heart in the area of my loss. I can remember our first Christmas without Ruby; I thought I might die.

After months of introspective chaos, I realized that I was not the only one running for cover at the sight of a holiday. As a matter of fact, I found that there were more people grieving on holidays than celebrating. To this day, I wonder why this is not talked about more.

Holidays have a weird way of highlighting our losses, uncovering our pain, and then making us feel like our vulnerability is on display for the world to see.

Today is Valentine’s Day. I am aware that there are many people with hurting hearts who are faced with the hard task of navigating this holiday. I am not trying to create pessimism around this day, but I do want to say something:

If this day is hard for you, you are on my heart and I want to speak to you. If it’s not, don’t read on. Go eat your chocolate and enjoy your day.

To those with more hurts than hearts on Valentine’s Day, I wrote you this piece:

In your longing you are beautiful.
In your waiting you are strong.
In your remembering there is beauty.
In your dreaming there is light.
In your mistakes there is redemption.
In your losses there is gain.
In your wanderings there is precision.
In your trusting there is preservation.
In your courage there are miracles.
In your hope there is freedom.

In your heart – there is value.
In your journey – there is endless grace.

You are an amazing lover. Do you know that? Seriously. Ask the people closest to you. You do it well. You deserve to be celebrated today. I celebrate you.

Happy Valentine’s Day. I wish I could re-package this holiday and deliver it to you with a pretty bow. But I have no bow to tie this up, just an honest expression to validate that some people hurt where others celebrate, and both deserve to be honored. To the latter, redemption rain is yours. It will come.

You are seen.
And honored today –
by the One who IS LOVE.

This Day

There are some things you can only do on certain days;

With certain materials,
In certain conditions,
For a certain period of time.

These are the things that were not around yesterday, and will likely dissipate before tomorrow. These are the things that make today a unique adventure; a twenty-four hour journey that only happens once.

Meet Arnold.
Our 7 foot snowman.
He has a vicious cape,
carrot buttons,
and a slimy celery nose.

He was built on the right day, at the right time, in the right place. On that day, we rolled balls of snow until they were fat for building, and then strained our backs to lift his unruly double belly. He became a towering creature in front of our happy eyes. It was an experience!

The snow was perfect. Arnold was meant to be. Good thing we were not stuck inside that day watching TV.

What’s my point?


What’s in it?
What treasure is there to find?
What adventure is there to take?

What do you think THIS DAY in your life is really for?
Are you going to take time for that?

Why not?

There’s an author to all this you know … the God of “manna” who makes fresh bread every day. He’s never board. We never have to be either. Some days feel plain dull. I get it. But you and I will have less of those if we learn to look for what a day brings.

Take it from a snowman who would otherwise not be with us.

Become interruptible.
Take time for what you care about.
Seize the day.