For some of us the best thing to do when:

You need to be refreshed, you’re feeling lost, have become overwhelmed, forgotten how to be, failed, dropped the ball, fallen out of sync with your own heart, or simply need to hear from God …

Is … to pull out a local map.

Pull out a map and find the nearest body of water. Get in the car. Drive to it. Find a trail or make your own to the water’s edge. Then sit.

There’s just something about the water.

The depth
The breath
The movement
The stillness
The murkiness
The clarity
The boundaries
The noise
The lack of noise
The mystery
The matter
The water.

Its happened before, it can happen again – that after just moments of sitting by the water stuff starts to come into focus, questions get answered, blocks in hearing disappear, and the soul is refreshed.

There’s just something about the water.

I find a grace there to breath deep, think hard, wrestle through, hear God’s voice, hear my own voice, tune out to tune in.


I don’t know. Its a mystery to me, but one that breaths a reality. My guess is that it has something to do with that age old text that says, “the Spirit of God hovered over the water.”

Bottom line is – for some of us … there’s just something about the water.

Go there.